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Share your story with current Specialists and active California sellers

Current Partners

The California STAR Specialists program is back and better than ever,
now available in 14 global markets worldwide, including:
US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, South Korea, Australia,
India, Middle East, and China.

With the California STAR Sales Companion™ platform, 30,000 global travel advisors have mobile app access to the very best tools, content, and collateral to not just Specialize, but enable them to sell more of California, more frequently, for years to come

Packed with 100’s of ‘one-tap’ shareable video’s, brochures, itineraries, and PDFs the STAR Sales Companion™ makes it even easier for STAR advisors to tee up STAR partner experiences with their clients preferences, driving more bookings from Yreka to Calexico.

You can gain access to a global network of advisors with a simple subscription. Thanks to Visit California's continual marketing investments, new advisors are joining every day. And with TravPRO's full-service production, you'll save time and effort while making the most of this opportunity.

As the go-to California B2B resource for advisors worldwide, this platform is often the only translated resource available. Being visible on this platform can significantly increase your chances of being considered by these advisors. Internationally it's crucial to have a strong presence in the core resources sellers are leaning on. And on the flipside, a lack of presence sends a different message to sellers many times..

Check out our two simple subscription options below.Choose between
(1) MicroLearning & Showcase Bundle Subscription or
(2) Showcase Only Subscription
to start tapping into these very active California STAR’s.

Thank you for considering Visit California's premier global program.


Opportunity 1
Premium B2C Marketing “Showcase”

(Global Marketing ONLY)

The B2B2C Marketing Showcase is the ultimate tool for travel advisors to share your business with clients globally.

With one subscription, you can reach sellers in 14 different markets.

This immersive digital distribution microsite features high-quality videos, stunning images, informative PDFs, detailed itineraries, and exclusive offers - all designed to amplify your story. Advisors can readily share the entire showcase via link or individual collateral with just one tap.

With real-time updates, your best offerings will always be in the spotlight, giving you exposure to potential clients from around the world. It's the perfect way to showcase your business to an international audience of advisors and travelers alike.

TravPRO will help you produce your initial showcase for launch, and after that, you'll have full control with our easy-to-use CMS. This allows you to update and swap out collateral anytime you need.

Ready to take your B2B strategy to new heights in ‘24 and connect with advisors from 14 active markets?

Check out our quick Showcase explainer video to see how it can make you shine and get in front of more travelers through their trusted advisor.

Sales Companion Highlights:

Today’s content needs

Easily digested content for on–the-go or at home, and in today’s preferred media types.

Unique Content

Unique content to bring added perspective, hear from other experts with relevant tips, or entertain with mini games.

Downloaded to the Device

Forget the buffering and stuttered playback world of the Internet. Everything resides on the device for instant access, anytime, anywhere

Real-Time Directory & Booking Channel

LIVE directory of private sector partners for destinations featuring real-time two-way communication. For private sector partners, direct integration of booking engines and itinerary planners.

Adaptive Content

Supports meaningful, personalized content for the individual user, easily accessed within one tap at all times.

Creating Instant Experts

All selling content is aggregated in the toolbox for point of sale usage to help agents convert more frequently…no wifi, no Internet required.

The opportunity for you as a supplier or visitors bureau (cvb) is simple.

The Showcase and Directory is a searchable basic listing of all California destinations, accommodations, tours, activities and transport partners for agents to explore and discover options to match their client’s preferences.

Those suppliers who wish to shine a brighter spotlight on themselves by having a microsite to tell their story, host current videos and brochures and communicate and broadcast real-time offers and inspiration to agents worldwide, have the opportunity to be first of mind whenever California is being booked and build direct relationships with producers worldwide.

B2C Marketing Showcase

A premium global micro-site omnipresent across the platform with access from center of the home screen, the sales toolbox as a tile and the B2B directory within the STAR program. A fantastic way for sellers to find, discover and connect with California Industry Partners.


  • Logo, Icon Images, Product/Destination overview (500 words), Key contact information, Google Map location
  • Upload up to 6 Video’s and 8 Brochures at a time - swap out anytime
  • Links to Social Media, Review Sites, URL’s and Booking Engine
  • Trade promotion or offer (also featured in the search results)
  • Password protected admin access
  • Available in all active global STAR markets
  • KPI Reporting -Total and Monthly: # Searches returned in results, total clicks, video views, brochure views/downloads

Opportunity 2
Global Advisor MicroLearning Module
AND Marketing Showcase Bundle

Training is the most effective way to engage new advisors and inspire them to sell YOU. This is where you can win them over to your sales cause and get on their shortlist of recommendations.

MicroLearning and Showcase bundle maximizes productivity from this large group of advisors with minimal effort on your part.

Our MicroLearning modules are specifically designed to engage advisors new to your business. These singular modules cover essential information in a condensed time frame, making them ideal for training.

By completing your MicroLearning Module, advisors earn a badge within the California STAR platform, showcasing their expertise to their clients.

And new for 2024, your module will also be featured as a stand-alone microlearning within TheSOURCE SuperApp, giving you even more exposure to new advisors across North America.

This is a fully turnkey opportunity, with TravPRO leading creative production and providing full CMS controls for updating and swapping out collateral. Plus, our dedicated Client Success manager is always available to help you post-launch.

Join the global network of California Industry Partners and engage advisors with our powerful MicroLearning Modules. Check out our quick explainer video below and get started today!

Instructional Design & Balance

Short-form, 30-second burst media, and a better balance of experiential media to anchor learning.

Dynamic Assessment

Learning made Fun! Move beyond numbing multiple choice, and benefit from additional content reinforcement beyond ‘correct/incorrect.’.

Shorter Chapters

Train in 15-minute intervals, and convert more registrants to graduates. Think Coursels, or course morsels.

Expedited Registration

Nothing kills the performance of a training strategy quicker than a lengthy registration and onboarding path. We get agents training within 1 minute.

Cross- Device Native Style

We produce three separate versions of the training. Apple devices, Android devices, and Web to maximize the training potential of each device.

Expand Your Audience

Playing into the current content and device preferences will allow you to maximize reach, registrations and conversion of motivated graduates.

The opportunity for YOU is to increase awareness and understanding of your product with these highly qualified and targeted California Expert graduates, via your own training module to most effectively share your specific sales information.

B2B Advisor MicroLearning

Your Training module will be actively promoted and visible to all learners for them to self-select and participate. You own the database of all Advisors who start your module.

Your MicroLearning module includes:

  • 10 pages / 300 max words per page (3,000 total)
  • Iconic images, video, interactive maps, streaming links, web links, curated sales tips, pdfs and infographics
  • Included: post-produce two 45 second ‘auto-play’ videos to link content like STAR chapters, from existing commercial or promo reel
  • 8 question multiple choice throughout, have to answer correct to proceed
  • Full editorial services to match STAR Program tone and style
  • Content Management System to update images, links, and collateral 24/7/365
  • Available from Web and all iOS & Android devices
  • You own the database of agents that register from your module
  • Password protected reporting dashboard for export 24/7/365
  • INCLUDES Marketing Showcase detailed above
  • Includes Market Translations

Your Own Custom Learning And Sales Companion

Imagine everything in the STAR program was built for you… the Design, Training, Promote , Sales Toolbox™, and Directory. Then take your multiple chapters of training and have it also exist within the STAR curriculum – accessible to all STAR Specialists.

In essence, a super-charged program that affords you a customized sales enablement and training platform localized for YOUR core markets and aligned with YOUR strategy, with the additional benefit of the training chapters visible within the STAR platform and front and center with those Specialists.

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